About Preston Tringe

What Is Preston Tringe?

The Preston Tringe is an open-access festival set up by a group of enthusiasts from Preston based theatre company Screaming Theatre in 2009, looking to expand their philosophy of bringing exciting arts to accessible venues around Preston.  The Tringe is an exciting mix of theatre, comedy, dance, music and more performed in venues across Preston.


Preston Tringe welcomes all performers from the world of theatre, comedy, dance, music, magic and much more, whether you're a seasoned professional or a novice. Since its inception in 2009, the festival has hosted established artists previewing their shows prior to the Edinburgh Fringe, as well as providing a platform for new emerging artists, who have gone on to have their shows programmed at significant regional venues like 'The Lowry' and 'Re:play'.


At the cornerstone of Tringe's philosophy is that the festival organisers don't select or sensor any of the shows and the festival remains completely open-access. The inaugural Preston Tringe featured 25 acts in 2009, and grew to featuring over 50 acts by Preston Guild in 2012 and we're looking to make 2017 the biggest Tringe yet.



What the Preston Tringe Festival organisers do.

What do we need you to do to take part?

• Run the festival web-site

• Allocate acts to a venue

• Provide acts with press lists

• Publish the Festival programme

• Distribute the programme to our mailing lists, local residents and selected local and City publicity outlets

• Distribute posters and programmes publicizing the festival around Preston (but not individual events)

• Liaise with local media outlets to promote the festival (but not individual acts)

• Provide volunteers to run the box office

• Where necessary provide  technicians (although we advise you to bring your own technicians where possible)

• Offer advanced ticket sales through Preston Tourist Information Centre

To ensure your show is as successful as possible marketing is essential.  We strongly recommend you follow these guidelines:

• Place posters in local shops and supply Tringe with posters to be placed at your venue and the Tourist Information Centre.

• Hand out flyers in Preston City Centre and local events such as the Riversway Festival

• Leave flyers in local shops

• Supply Tringe organizers with flyers to be placed at your venue and Preston Tourist Information

• Press contacts will be supplied to enable you to send out press releases

• Set up a Facebook group and event

• Join our Facebook group and invite others to join

• Word of mouth is the best marketing so promote your show by telling people about it and Tringe