Follow this page as we announce the 2017 Preston Tringe Festival venues.


Would you like to be a Tringe venue? If you have a venue that you believe can be part of Preston Tringe then please contact Please feel free to be creative, we're open to a whole host of weird and wonderful venues.








    Venue Capacity: Approx. 50 Stage Size: 5.47m x 3.05-3.73m. Raised by 0.47m The Adelphi is a very popular pub located at the heart of the University’s city centre campus. Frequented by Preston’s large student population, it is one of the best venues to gain an audience. Screaming Theatre has produced several productions Upstairs @ The Adelphi. Laid out with informal seating, it is a perfect size in which to create an intimate studio performance. The venue is suitable for theatre and comedy. Technical Set-up • Portable Stage Lighting • Sound System, suitable for microphones, a couple of instruments and playing music. • Projector Screen • No wheelchair access

    Venue Capacity: Approx 50


    One of Preston's most charming pubs in Preston city centre. This pub has been maintained in its original Victorian state. A selection of snugs and stunning tiling gives the inside of the pub an enchanting Pandora’s Box feeling.


    The unique nature of this pub means it is a popular venue among both young and older professionals.


    The venue is suitable for music and comedy.


    Technical Set-up


    • Sound System, suitable for microphones, upto five instruments and playing music

    • Basic lighting system

    • No wheelchair access





    VENUE CAPACITY: Approx 25 The Guild Ale House is a recent addition to the Preston pub scene, just minutes from The Guild Hall and Ham & Jam, the Guild Hall Ale House is a real ale drinkers haven, with a selection of real ales and craft beers. The Guild Ale House's upstairs room is a small intimate venue, able to create an intense atmosphere, perfect for either a solo performance or a stand-up show. Equipment: TBC

    VENUE CAPACITY: 50-60 Preston's renowned Guild Hall is coming on board as a Tringe venue in 2017 and we're delighted. The venue has experienced somewhat of a renaissance over the last few years, becoming a hub for Preston's creative services. Guild Hall are offering a number of spaces. Their main space is 'The Sticks', a former retail unit within the Guild Hall, the space is turned into a well equipped studio space, with a raised stage, lighting and sound equipment. The space is perfect for Theatre, comedy and poetry. The Guild Hall can offer two offer spaces, if you're looking for a derelict site specific space, the Exhibition space. They also have a larger space, if anybody is interested, however this will come with a charge. We advise a viewing if you would like these two other spaces. Technical Set-up • Lighting rig • Sound system • Raised stage • Wheelchair access.
  • HAM & JAM

    Venue Capacity: 30-40 Ham & Jam, like the Guild Ale House is a recent addition to Preston's London Road, snuggled right next to the Guild Hall. Ham & Jam is a charming cafe, which offers a selection of cakes and sandwiches. Ham & Jam offer their main room as a venue in the evening, providing an open and light space, which would be ideally suited for poetry, simple theatre, comedy and acoustic music. Equipment: TBC
  • Moorbrook

    Capacity: 50 The Moorbrook is a charming little pub just outside Preston students area, about 10 minutes from the Adelphi. This pub has built a reputation as a real-ale haven, the venues is frequented by a selection of Preston's creative community, making it ideal for Tringe shows. The Moorbrook is offering their main bar as a venue during the festival, as well as the potential to do outside performances. The venue has a sound system and is ideal for comedy, poetry, music and potentially outside theatre. The venue is best for non-ticketed events. Technical Set-up: • Sound System

    VENUE CAPACITY: 100-150 Roper Hall is a long-standing pub/bar on Friargate, within close proximity to Adelphi pub and the Preston's university community. The venue is frequented by a large number of students during term-time and has recently been re-furbished. Roper's upstairs room, 'The Dark Room', is a well equipped black box room, fully equipped with a raised stage. The high level of tech makes the room ideal for all events, theatre, comedy and music (including bands). Technical Set-up • Lighting rig • Sound system • Raised stage • No wheelchair access.